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SmartCAM ANPR smart camera

SmartCAM is a special smart camera which is assembled from ARH products. It is a pre-built ANPR/LPR system, including: ANPR camera, PC, ANPR software

Fixed factory settings make the installation and startup process easy and quick. The camera is ready to operate right after the power is switched on.

SmartCAM ANPR smart camera

The integration process of the SmartCAM is very easy: the stored images and recogniton data can be downloaded through a webserver.

SmartCAM itself provides the optimal images, which are automatically passed to Carmen ANPR engine. Ideal for moving traffic applications.

To provide optimal image quality in various operating environments, the camera is equipped with an infra-red illuminator unit that is built-in to the camera housing. The infrared light provides excellent illumination for reflective number plates both day and night. Effective range is up to 15 meters (48ft) but it may vary depending on the specific environmental conditions.

The advanced camera technology is dedicated for 24/7 number plate recognition.

Technical specifications of SmartCAM

SmartCAM ANPR smart camera
Sensor size (H x V pixels) 752 x 480
Sensor B&W progressive scan CMOS
Optical size 1/3"
Pixel size 6.0 µmm x 6.0 µmm
Max. frame rate
(at full resolution)
60 frames / sec
Video output format RAW, 8 bit grayscale
Exposure Control Global shutter
Software adjustable 1/100..1/30000 s
Communication interface RJ45
Internal memory For 60 full frames
Light sensor Light sensor included
Adjustable for switching day/night mode
Filter IR pass (720nm-)
Lens type 6-36 mm varifocal, Motorized
Iris, Focus, Zoom Remote control focus, iris, zoom
Type Array of high quality IR LEDs
Controlled and synchronised flash
Wavelength 850 nm
Intensity 4 preconfigured modes (Low, Normal, High, Ultra)
Flash time Software adjustable, up to 950µs
Illumination range Up to20m
Power requirement Isolated 24-28VAC or 30-36VDC input (50-60Hz)
Power consumption 17-48W (28VAC) depending on heating on/off
(w/o sunshield, L x W x H)
168 mm x 125 mm x 145 mm
(6,61" x 4,92" x 5,70")
(including sunshield, L x W x H)
290 mm x 218 mm x 155 mm
(11,42" x 8,58" x 6,10")
Weight Camera: 4.47 kg (9,85lb)
Sunshield: 1.0 kg (2,2lb)
Bracket: 0.6 kg (1,32lb)
Conformity CE, RoHS
IP rating IP67
Housing Color RAL9007 (Other colors are available upon request)
Startup temperature Over -20°C (-4 °F)
Working temperature Starting from -35°C (-31 °F)
Maximum working temperature +55°C (131 °F)
I/O ports Opto isolated input for trigger-in, 5..12 VDC
Serial RS232/S
Supported platform Linux and Windows
SDK C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, OCX
Add-on features Configurator, Management tool for multiple cameras
Auto brightness control designed for license plate recognition,
Automatic day-night mode switch, Autofocus
Built-in motion detection
CPU 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU 32 bit
Storage 2GB SSD memory
(At least 1GB free memory for user data)
Memory 1GB DDR II.
Network Gigabit ethernet card
Web-server for smooth communication
Dimensions (L x W x H) 204 mm x 80 mm x 120 mm
(8,03" x 3,15" x 4,72")
Weight 0.6 kg
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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