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Cameras for number plate recognition

In every ANPR/LPR system it is a critical issue to provide consistent images of appropriate quality level. FXCAM series is all-in-one camera family dedicated for number plate recognition applications. FXCAM is an advanced camera technology for 24/7 number plate capturing.

ParkIT ANPR camera

ParkIT ANPR camera

The ParkIT camera was designed for access control systems. During the development, besides the high level of technical features (pan-tilt, hidden cabling), the focus was on the sophisticated, eye-catching design.

ParkIT is an easy installable, small and attractive camera. Extra software module is provided for easiest integration with CARMEN OCR engines and software modules.

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FreewayCAM ANPR camera

FreewayCAM ANPR camera

FreewayCAM is a digital IP camera in a compact, single enclosure equipped with IR LED illuminator. The primary focus of the FreewayCAM development was to create a versatile ANPR camera for high speed traffic applications.

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SmartCAM ANPR smart camera

FXCAMd 102c ANPR smart camera

SmartCAM is a special smart camera which is assembled from ARH products. It is a pre-built ANPR/LPR system, including: ANPR camera, PC, ANPR software

Fixed factory settings make the installation and startup process easy and quick. The camera is ready to operate right after the power is switched on.

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SpeedCAM ANPR & speed enforcement camera

Number plate recognition and speed detection with SpeedCAM

Professional ANPR camera is included with embedded PC (FXCAMd 102c) to achieve excellent quality images.

Full processing - like time stamp - is done inside the unit. Images, license plate texts, time and vehicle speed are stored in a database within the SpeedCAM memory with easy access through a web-server.

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FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera

FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera

The FXCAM IBW2000 is an all in one unit including a camera, a 2000 Watts IR flash, IR filter and a synchronizer special designed and optimised for vehicle identification applications.

The effective range of the equipment is from 3 meters up to 13 meters, but it may vary, depending on the environment conditions and the characteristics of the number plates.

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FXCAM Illuminator

FXCAM illuminator

The FXCAM illuminator is an additional light component to our FXCAMd camera to reach brighter image for overview image, or increase the recognition accuracy in case of non-reflective license plates.

It is possible to connect more than one illuminator (up to seven) to the camera and they should be synchronized. The LED intensity can be set for each illuminator separately.

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