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Number plate recognition and
speed detection with SpeedCAM

Quick and easy installation and setup process. SpeedCAM can be used worldwide due to the proven high performance OCR engine. The applied world leader CARMEN license plate recognition technology covers over 200 countries.

Number plate recognition and speed detection with SpeedCAM

Professional ANPR camera is included with embedded PC (FXCAMd 102c) to achieve excellent quality images. Full processing - like time stamp - is done inside the unit. Images, license plate texts, time and vehicle speed are stored in a database within the SpeedCAM memory with easy access through a web-server.

Special smart camera with integrated speed measurement system This all in one "smart" device provides optimal images in various operating environments. The built in software intelligence and hardware modules are based on ARH�s 20 years experience in the field of OCR and ANPR camera technology.

The integrated high-power IR illuminator lets the license plates clearly seen without any disturbance of the driver Special IR pass filter applied to avoid common problems like sunlight reflections and glare or exposure due to car headlights. The integrated speed measurement device (Doppler Radar) can detect cars up to 250km/h.

Optimal operation result is achieved up to 20 meters depending on the specific environmental conditions. Heavy duty outdoor construction (IP67), designed for 24/7/365 usage.

Technical Specifications of SpeedCAM

SpeedCAM ANPR & speed enforcement camera
Specifications of the camera
ANPR camera · Wide VGA digital infra camera
· Resolution: 752 X 480
Lens · Varifocal motoric zoom and iris
· Effective range 3-20m
· IR pass filter included
High performing illumination · High power IR leds - ideal for ANPR
· Strong sunlight/shadow correction
· SW adjustable intensity
Extras · Auto focus
· Auto brightness control
Specifications of the radar
Measurement principle · Doppler-Radar
Radar frequency · 24.165 GHz, K-Band
Type of detection · Movement, selectable uni- or bidirectional
Installation angle · For counting 45°
· For tracking < 11°
Installation height · Over head: 5m typ.
· Lateral: 2m typ.
Operating modes · Counting (signed) speed, profile, gap
· One value per vehicle
Specifications of the PC
CPU · 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU 32 bit
Memory · 2GB SSD memory
· At least 1GB free memory for user data
Network · Gigabit ethernet card
· Web-server for smooth communication
Operating system · Linux, Fedora11 32 bit
Other specifications
Trigger · Serial RS232 port, GPI port
Power consumption · Isolated 24-28V AC or 30-36V DC input (50-60Hz)
· 18-48W (28V AC) depending on heating ON/OFF
· Automatic internal heating with thermostat
Operation temperature · -10°C - +50°C
· Extra heating: optional
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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