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Automatic Container Code Recognition

Automatic Container Code Recognition is a technology which is able to recognize these unique codes from an image or video signal, and give it back in a computer editable format for further processing.

The ACCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based technology, which means intelligent image processing. It has two essential technological issues:
- the quality of the CCR software with it's applied recognition algorithm
- the quality of the image acquisition technology, the camera and the illumination

The very key factor is the ACCR software. The sophistication of the recognition software, the intelligence and quality of the applied recognition algorithms, the mathematical knowledge and the years of experience behind determines the capabilities of the recognition software.

CARMEN ANPR/ACCR software engine

The better the algorithms are, the highest the quality of the recognition software is:
- the highest recognition accuracy it has,
- the fastest processing speed it has,
- the widest range of picture quality it can handle,
- the most tolerant against distortions of input data it is.
In a well working system the codes are standardized.

ISO 6346 (known as BIC codes too) is an international standard for assigning unique codes to freight containers.

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