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Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition frequently called 'number plate recognition'. It is a special form of optical character recognition (OCR). License plate recognition is a software that enables computer systems to read automatically the number plate of vehicles from digital pictures.

CARMEN ANPR/ACCR software engine

Reading the number plate means transforming the pixels of digital image captured by an ANPR camera. Result of this reading process is the ASCII text of the number plate.

ARH Inc. designs and develops high quality recognition software for the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates. We provide CARMEN® license plate recognition software as a license plate recognition engine along with a software development kit (SDK).

We offer it to you in this integratable form in order to let you incorporate LPR technology into your computer system.

How you can build your ANPR system?

Your computer system equipped with our CARMEN® Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Engine becomes capable of reading the registration number of any vehicle from around the World with the highest accuracy under a fraction of a second.

Beside the development of the core number plate recognition technology, we design, manufacture and market supplemental hardware devices specially engineered for the image capturing task of number plate recognition.

With our ANPR cameras and our industrial frame grabber cards your system will be plug-and-play-equipped with an ultimate high quality image capturing technology for continuous 24/7 operation.

Why would you choose CARMEN® ANPR engine
for your Automatic License Plate Recognition system?

We offer you the ultimate license plate recognition technology of the highest quality on a competitive price.

By choosing ARH Inc. you choose to benefit from our expertise of a decade-long experience collected from thousands of installations in over 200 countries worldwide. By choosing us you choose a reliable partner who values long term partnerships.

We are committed to innovation, technology and quality - and our partners are satisfied.

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