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ARH ANPR/LPR cameras brochure

FXCAM and ANPR/ACCR/ADR brochure ANPR/ACCR/ADR brochure

Brochure of ARH ANPR/LPR cameras and ANPR/ACCR/ADR technology.

ParkIT ANPR camera

FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera ParkIT access control camera

The ParkIT camera was designed for access control systems. Ideal cost effective camera from smaller systems to large projects designed for license plate recognition applications.

FreewayCAM ANPR camera

FreewayCAM ANPR camera FreewayCAM ANPR camera

FreewayCAM is a digital IP camera in a compact, single enclosure equipped with IR LED illuminator. The primary focus of the FreewayCAM development was to create a versatile ANPR camera for high speed traffic applications.

SmartCAM ANPR camera

SmartCAM ANPR smart camera FXCAMd 102c ANPR smart camera

SmartCAM is a special smart camera which is assembled from ARH products. It is a pre-built ANPR/LPR system, including: ANPR camera, PC, ANPR software

SpeedCAM speed enforcement camera

Number plate recognition and speed detection with SpeedCAM SpeedCAM speed enforcement camera

SpeedCAM is a professional ANPR camera is included with embedded PC (FXCAMd 102c) to achieve excellent quality images.

FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera

FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera FXCAM IBW2000 ANPR camera

FXCAM IBW2000 is an all in one unit including a camera, a 2000 Watts IR flash, IR filter and a synchronizer special designed and optimised for vehicle identification applications.


Illuminator Illuminator

The FXCAM ILLUMINATOR is an additional light component to our FXCAMd camera to reach brighter image for overview image, or increase the recognition accuracy in case of non-reflective license plates.

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