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How an image captured by the camera?

Basically the image is captured this way (the tree is the object, which should be captured)
1. The light from the object reflected back from the object.
2. This light goes through the camera lens and falls to the sensor.
3. On the sensor from the incoming light information is generated and based on it the an image can be built.

Method of image capturing

What is shutter time?

Shutter time: (also known as exposure time) This time of interval defines how long the pixels are �open� on the sensor and able to accept the light. Important: For fast moving vehicles it is essential to use short shutter times to avoid motion blur. With longer shutter time the image will be brighter.

What is shutter time?

What is Iris?

Iris: The Iris (also known as aperture) mechanically affects how many light can pass through the lens. It also affects the image depth of field! With widely open iris the image will be brighter.

What is Iris?

As you can see the shutter time and iris affects how many lights can reach the sensor, so these properties should be handled together.

What are the Gains?

Gains: After the light reach the sensor it is amplified with the analog gain and converted with the Analog/Digital converter unit. After that digital amplification can be used, this is called digital gain. So the gain value indicates the amount of amplification.

Please note the amplifying also strengthen the noises, therefore use them just if you really need! Digital gain generates more noise than analog gain!

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